Working with International Mixed Ability Sports (IMAS)

IMAS are a social enterprise who are tackling barriers of entry to sport, helping people of different abilities, ages, genders and backgrounds to participate in sports. They’ve created the mixed ability model to break down these barriers. In mixed ability, participants from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities share experiences and learning through interactive and accessible sport.


As part of our Inclusion Pledge, our Leadership Team committed to continuing to educate themselves as leaders. One of the ways they’ve been doing this is spending more time out in the local community to hear more about the different experiences and challenges different groups can face.

Last year, our Leadership Team took a trip to Bradford to visit IMAS, meet the founders of the charity and took part in some mixed ability sports with members of the IMAS community. They were so inspired by what they saw, they committed SBG to support the growth and awareness of IMAS.

Colleagues across Sky Betting & Gaming (SBG) are sharing their knowledge and skills with IMAS through skills based volunteering.


The IMAS team are born out of Bradford and have implemented a very successful model that’s helping mixed ability people both nationality and internationality to play a variety of sports. All this has been achieved by a small team who could benefit from our business and the specialist skills our colleagues have.

We aim to help IMAS create a sustainable business model so they can continue doing amazing work and continue to have such a positive impact on so many people’s lives!

We’ll do this through working with IMAS to explore how they can create a sustainable funding plan to allow them to both continue and scale the work they do.

We can leverage our business connections and marketing expertise to make sure people are aware of IMAS and help with certain areas which we might take for granted through working in such a big business.


IMAS are hosting a mixed ability rugby tournament (IMART) this June in Cork, Ireland. The five day tournament brings together people from 16 countries with an estimated over 1,000 players. Teams in the tournament are formed of mixed ability and play full contact rugby.

Michael Tarren, Lead Creative Producer in our Gaming Creative Team has created a brand visual identity for IMART and supporting promotional video footage and assets the team can use in the run up to the event. These are skills a social enterprise like IMAS can’t always get access to, so support from SBG goes along way to helping them continue to make a difference.

Colleagues are also heading over to Cork to volunteer at IMART. Throughout the week colleagues will be leveraging their skills to create content for IMAS and IMART including social media content and podcasts.

We’ll be sharing BTS footage of the event over on Instagram, make sure you’re following our page to see all the latest things we’re up to!

Author: Marion Duncan