An Internship In Trading – Sky Betting and Gaming

Grace Lomax, Football Trading Operations Intern


My team is at the forefront of the smooth running of trading the football product both live (after a football match has started) and pre-live (before the match starts), managing the settlement (ensuring a customers bet has been settled correctly and winnings are paid) for all football events, incident management and planning live event coverage throughout the day.

Covering football events across the globe, the 24/7 working nature of SBG if essential to ensure we provide the best possible experience for customers.

We also complete set daily tasks and liaise with customer-facing teams to advise on queries coming directly from customers.

My avid passion for sports, in particular football, has 100% aided me on my placement so far, as working in an industry you’re passionate about makes the role much more fun and enjoyable!


My experience so far at SBG has been nothing but amazing. The people, the job role, the business as a whole … I feel truly privileged to be a part of it!

A highlight for me so far is the first time I took charge on a football ‘Super Sunday’. For anyone new to this term, it’s a huge day of Footballing action, usually where some of the Premier Leagues biggest sides are facing each other. It was an unexpected dive into the deep end, but the satisfaction I got from being able to delegate tasks and successfully remain on top of everything was like no other! This is just one example of being given true responsibility in the workplace which is always a doubt being an intern stepping into a huge business.

Amongst the many highlights, there has definitely been some tough challenges I have faced, one of them being getting to grips with being quick and on the ball, whilst also being as detailed as possible. Admittedly, this role can seem rather overwhelming at times and sometimes you can find yourself in a position where you’re unsure on what to prioritise when there are multiple important things to be done at once. However, with the help of everyone in the team and over time, it becomes second nature, and you quickly learn what to prioritise in a high intensity situation!


SBG is truly an excellent place to be and to work. The togetherness feel throughout the business is second to none and truly does make work enjoyable. There is never a day I dread work!

Everyone is consistently looking out for one another and there is always help or someone to talk to when needed. I will truly miss this role and SBG when I head back to university to complete my studies, but for now, I’m going to keep enjoying this amazing experience!

Author: Marion Duncan