Know it, share it through volunteering

Filming Swag Song

When speaking with Ben, another key area we wanted to focus on was designing brand new print media templates, mainly leaflets and postcards. These assets are key for The Swan Song Project as they are distributed to hospices to raise awareness of the charity and the service they provide. We also spent some time looking at the charities Instagram and social media accounts in order to get a feel for the sorts of posts Ben publishes on a weekly basis. We were able to identify the main categories and subsequently create a catalogue of Instagram frames that Ben can use to differentiate the post types. Not only have we been able to create an identity for these posts, but individuals following The Swan Song Project can easily identify the types of posts than Ben is publishing. Our aim was to make the overall look and feel of the Instagram feed more visually engaging, bright and focused around the people, partners and families associated with The Swan Song Project

Our relationship with Ben is still very much ongoing and there’s more that we want to do! It’s been a challenging at times to balance our workload as well as the volunteering but seeing the impact of what we’ve managed to achieve so far has made it feel worthwhile.

If you would like to find out more about the Swan Song Project and how you can help, you can visit their website.

Author: Marion Duncan