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When it comes to learning and development, SBG back colleagues. All SBG’ers are given £1,000 each year to spend on learning and development, or as we call it at SBG, our ‘Self Development Fund’.

We caught up with Rachael Morgan (Head of Engineering & Test in Data) to find out how she used her self-development fund in 2021 and plans for 2022.

what did you use your 2021 Self development fund on?

This year, I used my Self-Development Fund to go towards Leadership Beyond the Theory, a virtual, interactive course, designed to ‘improve the quality of leaders, globally’.

what made you decide to do this course?

I am always trying to learn, develop and reflect, especially when it comes to being a leader. It really matters to me that I am pushing myself to be the best I can be in the role I have, and push myself and the team I work with to keep adding value to our business.

As a long-time fan of the ‘No Bullsh!t Leadership’ podcast, I saw that there was a course that brought all the learning together, and I jumped at the chance to join the October 2021 cohort.

What did you learn on the course?

The course is split into seven themes, all of which underpin the module ‘deliver value’, throughout the course you learn how to develop your skills to do this, through key aspects of leadership.

How did you balance your learning and work?

The course was really well balanced, and was split into small sections that could be split across a week – with an hour long Q&A webinar on a Sunday. To make sure I made a habit of the learning, I marked out half an hour every day for 7 weeks to keep myself on track…also the content was available via a podcast so I listened to it whilst I walked my dogs.

How have you been putting the learnings from your course into practise?

Even from the first week of the course, I was starting to put the learning, tools and techniques into practice. The course was very applicable to my role, and has now become part of my day to day. I have also, prioritised three areas from the course to work on and these have become part of my objectives for 2022.

At SBG, what we know, we share. After doing this course, how have you shared learnings with your team and wider?

During the course I ran a practical workshop for some of the leaders in the Data Tribe to share a section of what I have learnt, specifically around delivering value, and handling conflict, which are the first two modules of the course.

Also, one of the features of the course is something called an ‘Accountability Pod’ which is where people on the course form self-organised groups to discuss the modules as we work through them, this was a really good way of learning from others, with different experiences and from different industries.

After the course ended, I had a real think about how I could best utilise the learning, and have settled on my three focus areas, for, I am going to try the meeting cadence from the course, I am especially excited about the 121 structure, I am hoping it will really enable some great conversations.

Do you have any plans on how you’re going to use your self development fund in 2022?

To be honest, I have not got any plans yet – but I always get very excited about the potential that the ‘self development fund’ enables, so I will be looking to explore the options available to me in the new year.

Author: Marion Duncan