Meet our Trading Operations Team

Alex Booton, Trading Operations Executive


The Trading Team at SBG is responsible for running the betting product (sky Bet) that customers see on our website/app. The team is split across various teams which include the likes of:

  • Football, Sports and Racing
  • Operations
  • Risk

There is more detail on what each team does below but in short, each team focuses on giving our customers the best possible, and safe, experience when betting with us. Whether it’s making sure we have prices (these are what we call the odds) for the main football matches on the night, ensuring customers can stream all the tennis matches on site that we offer, or making sure our prices are accurate as possible, each team has a major responsibility across the department.

With the above in mind, it can be a challenging environment to work in, however the way each team comes together to try and offer the best betting product in the industry, makes Trading a great place to work and learn the ins & outs of trading itself.


Each team performs a vital role across the team, ensuring everything is running smoothly and customer satisfaction is at its highest. Here are some of the things our teams do on a day to day basis.

Football, Sports & Racing Trading – Responsible for over-seeing the extensive products we offer. From pricing up boosts, niche markets or trading major in-play events. These teams are responsible for the prices you see on site. It can often be a fast-paced, time driven environment to ensure we are the best in the business with prices/markets.

Operations – The Operations Team is best described as the engine room of Trading. The team deals with anything and everything. Activating streaming/detailed scoreboards and dealing with site outages are just some of the things Operations are tasked with. In Operations, communications is essential as you are working with each team in Trading. This is a great team to learn a bit about everything in Trading.

Risk – Our Risk Team take care of managing all the active prices on our site and ensuring they’re accurate and in-line with other competitors. This is essential to make sure we’re not taking bad bets on stale prices which could cost significant amounts of money if not identified in good time. It goes without saying, the risk team have an outstanding attention to detail.


Working in Trading has so many exciting factors. For keen sports fans, it’s a team to join as naturally you’re constantly working different sporting events through the year. The buzz in Trading when Cheltenham is on for example, makes SBG such a good place to work.

Another fascinating element about working in Trading is the actual concept of trading. Most people couldn’t explain how bookmaking works, at SBG you get to see how it all happens and all the different segments to running a successful sportsbook.

Finally, I think it’s a great team to work in because there is so many different teams and people to learn from. You can really find what best suits your skill set/passions.


Working in Trading means you’re constantly around sport, meaning you develop passions for different ones, whether new or existing. I think this is such a good experience for avid sports lovers because there are not many jobs where watching and being around sport is essential.

In addition to this when the big events come along, it can be a challenging, pressure driven environment. Everyone across Trading comes together to ensure we’re the best in the business, resulting in a genuine buzz around the place during the likes of Wimbledon etc.

Lastly, I think the people in the Trading are a huge factor for SBG being a great place to work. Everyone is friendly and willing to help. Whether it’s sharing knowledge or providing an extra pair of hands in tricky situations, each team are super approachable.


Many people believe that you need to be a maths ‘whizz’ or have a deep passion for sports to get into a career within Trading. Whilst these things certainly help, they are no means a requirement for working in the team! Wanting to ensure the customers that spend time with us have a great experience is what really matters, so a keen eye for detail, a willingness to learn and a positive attitude will stand you in great stead.

The rest, we’ll teach you over the course of your time with SBG.

Author: Marion Duncan