My Trading Internship – Sky Betting and Gaming

Billy Duncan, Sports Trading Operations Intern

Hi my name is Billy and I’m the current Sports Trading Operations Intern.


Our team consists of three members, and we are responsible for the settlement (ensuring a customers bet has been settled correctly and winnings are paid) of a range of sports including Darts, Ruby, Cricket, American Football, Formula One and Golf. Football is the sport most commonly associated with betting; however, I have come to realise there is a lot more on offer!


In addition to sport settlement, my role also includes collaboration with other teams within SBG, namely the In-Play Sports Team (these are teams which are creating live betting selections when a match/game in in progress) and the Risk Operations Team (who manage our prices to ensure we’re competitive and managing risk to SBG).

Although cliché, I can confidently say no two days are the same in this role; it challenges you to think on your feet and to dig deeper to solve issues which may arise. A notable example of this would be the 2022 PDC World Darts Championships which saw a number of players having to withdraw due to being Covid Positive. This saw us paying out over £100,000 to customers as a good will gesture on Michael Van Gerwen alone!

One of the great aspects of this role is there is that there is always a new challenge around the corner; the sports calendar is incredibly busy throughout the year, so as one competition ends another starts.

Now halfway through my internship, my knowledge of the sporting world has increased exponentially, and I have really grown in confidence when it comes to problem solving and cross team communication.

Although challenging at times (especially when three rugby matches are being played concurrently!) it’s an incredibly enjoyable position which will be sorely missed. It is clear why SBG has been named in the top 50 best places to work in the UK!


While it is certainly beneficial to have a knowledge of sports, it is not essential, and a lot is to be learned on the job. Before beginning this role, I had hardly watched a single over of cricket, yet now I am watching and settling a game almost every day!

The Sports Operations Team as well as the wider Trading Operations Team in general are incredibly supportive and approachable. Everybody is happy to lend a helping hand and you never feel like you’re on your own.


One of my personal highlights would be the PDC World Darts Championship; an impressive collaboration between several teams led to a hugely successful tournament and there was a true sense of pride upon its conclusion.

Author: Marion Duncan