Ranked 4th for work-life balance in the UK

This week Glassdoor released the UK’s best companies for work-life balance. And guess what? We’re 4th!

Our place in this list is possible because of the reviews left by employees, both past and present on Glassdoor.

Flexibility from day one

First of all, all SBG’ers have access to flexible working from day one. This means colleagues can speak to their line manager about flexible working arrangements and find a balance that works for them and us.

Hybrid working for 2021

For the rest of 2021 we’re offering a more flexible and tailored approach to working and we will be encouraging everybody joining us to experiment with varying levels of flexibility whether that’s fully remote working, office based or best of both.

Flexibility is different for everyone and embracing our diversity and having freedom to be ourselves is important to us at SBG. This is a new way of working and we’ll be testing & learning as we go so we can make your working life even better going into 2022.

A day for those important moments in life

SBG’ers can get an extra day off when getting married or moving house. This is on top of their annual holiday allowance and helps colleagues prioritise things happening at home.

Wellbeing offering

Our wellbeing offering provides all colleagues with tools to support their work-life balance such as a Gusto discount, onsite gym, gym memberships and wellbeing passport. These all empower colleagues to take ownership of their wellbeing and in turn balance their work and life.

Wellbeing days

Gifting colleagues ‘Wellbeing Days’ mean they can pause work and focus on what’s important to them. Again, these are on top of their holiday allowance.

Putting our people at the heart of what we do is just one way we’re better.

Find out more about our wellbeing offering and benefits to see how you could have a better career with us.

Author: Marion Duncan