What’s the salary for this role?

‘What’s the salary for this role?’ is no longer a question candidates will need to ask when applying for roles at Sky Betting & Gaming under ‘head of department’ level.

At SBG our ambition is to lead the competition. Why? Because we’re creating the next to build an environment where our people are free to be themselves at work.

We’re building inclusive hiring standards and practices which promote equity and remove barriers for people looking for employment.

Earlier in the year (2022) we trialed advertising salaries on a select number of job adverts to be transparent and open about how we pay, and help close our gender pay gap. Following a successful trial we’re now sharing salary bandings on all internal and external job adverts below head of department level.

By doing this…

  • We’ll improve the candidate experience – candidates have more information about the role and better equipped to decide if it’s the right opportunity of them
  • We’re being transparent and open about salary bandings is reflective of our culture and values
  • We’ll help to close our gender pay gap


Clive Smart, Head of Talent Acquisition lead this initiative and said… “For me salary transparency is really important, candidates want to opt in at the start not the end.

“At some point in the recruitment process you have to talk about the salary for the role, so we’re being more up front with this information. You wouldn’t walk into a car show room not know the price of that new car, so why would we expect you to apply for a role not knowing the salary.”

Head to our live roles to see our salary bands for yourself!

Author: Marion Duncan